Here is a link to a performance of my Spoken word poem:

When I was little,

and my innocent world was the only one I knew,

I went to kindergarten

to learn how to play nice.

Respect each other, they would say,

Don’t hit, kick, or steal.

Yet today I watch

as we hit each other’s self-esteem with computer screens,

kick our accomplishments until they are covered in bruises,

hide beneath masks to steal each other’s confidence.


Who taught you

that it was okay

to beat your wife,

to lie to your parents,

to interrupt others instead of listening?

When did you start flailing your arms,

drowning in that ocean of despair and pity,



for a life preserver

held just out of your reach?

You could have climbed onto the raft behind you

if you had only

turned your head

to notice it.

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Everyone you talk to has a problem,

but no one is willing to listen.

No one has the time

between reading the newspaper,

watching youtube clips,

retweeting, blogging, and liking

the “bigger” problems.

Respect has disappeared,

swallowed up by the gum-ridden sidewalk cracks,

stomped on by those rushing by,

hurry, hurry, there’s no time for anything but

connecting, frowning, and buying.


and take a moment to remember

those kindergarten days again

when you were taught r-e-s-p-e-c-t,

were praised for doing the right thing,

and burst into tears when you forgot your lunch.

Now, sometimes,

even though you won’t admit it,

you forget your lunch on purpose,

laugh at a rude joke,

order just one more drink,

and forget to say thank you to the cashier because

it’s just too much


Do you ever take the time

out of your terribly important day

to think about others?

Or do you just shove them to the back of your mind

along with that annoying little voice

that won’t shut up?

Is it easy to ignore the silent pleas,

the whispered apologies,

the lone tear

falling gracefully into a pool of shame?

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Despite the everlasting conquest for it,

the sacrifices of others you willingly make,

happiness is attainable,

and can be found everywhere. .

It is in taking care of yourself because you realize that

while your body may not fit like a glove

life doesn’t give you another one.

It is in making an effort for someone else.

It is in building up instead of tearing down.

It is in acknowledging

that we are all creatures of the same biological build

that we share everything from DNA to emotions

and that we all deserve


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Shakespeare Emulation

This blog post is a collection of two pieces I have done that are emulations of Shakespeare. The first one is from a monologue by Iago in Othello, Act 2, Scene 3.


And what’s he then that says I play the nice one?

When the clock ticks and I sit restless,

Probal to worrying and studying the way

to win his heart again? For ’tis most easy

the other fool to flirt with, and woo

in any dishonest suit; he’s labelled as easy

as his desperate friends. And now for me

to get back at him – make him pay for the pain,

for his sin seared into my skin,

my soul blackened at the cost of his love,

so that he may take what is only mine to lose;

his appetite for pain has wreaked havoc

with my attempt to function. How am I then a villain

to counsel him to this parallel course,

so that he knows my pain? Never!

When devils grow their horns,

they do first adorn their halos,

as I do now: for while this monster

cries teardrops that fall upon his mask,

hoping and pleading that I will take him back,

I’ll stab him in the back instead of slapping

him in the face to repeal his lust;

and every moment he suffers will do me good;

his sorrow will undo his credit with his friends.

So I will turn his twisted virtue into dust,

and out of his own malice make the net

that shall enmesh him to the end.


This second piece is a more indirect emulation to act 4, scene 5 in Hamlet. Ophelia has gone crazy and is giving flowers to the people she knows to represent their relationships, and arguably sees these relationships more clearly now that she is insane. If I were to give flowers to different people in my life, these are the flowers I would give and why.

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A Forget-Me-Not to my mom because I will never forget the lessons she has taught me or to come back home and visit.

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An apple blossom to my dad for all the afternoons spent in the backyard, playing.

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An ivy flower for my best friend to represent friendship and continuity.

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A lilac for my brother to remind him of the joys of our youth together.